Quick Updates

First Update:

I got all my resources organized and started developing the book.  Two small parts of the book were started when I was in College.  I took those parts and put them roughly into position where they will appear in the book.  One part is in script format and will need to be converted in a later draft.

Second Update:

I just noticed an issue with the website today and Technical Support got the issue resolved fairly quickly.  My apologies to everyone who tried to access the website while the issue was going on.

Book Outline

Just wanted to let everyone know that things have been pretty busy here lately.  Now that the holidays are over, my wife had a chance to sit down with me to go over the outline.  I should be able to begin developing the story from the outline in the next few days.

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.  Here is a special gift for everyone.  From today (December 25th) to January 1st 2018, Aurora: War and Aurora: Crisis are free at Smashwords.

Aurora: Crisis – Use the code EY100 at checkout to get this book for free.

Aurora: War – Use the code EY100 at checkout to get this book for free.

Outline Update

My wife finally had a chance to go over the outline.  She briefly mentioned that there are some areas that need some work.  I will work on those areas when she has a chance to go over them with me in further detail.

DaVinci Resolve

Just a quick update about the book outline.  My wife has been pretty busy lately and has not had a chance to look it over yet.   In the meantime, I have been learning to use DaVinci Resolve 14 with some of the stock footage I have.  Below is a before and after stills of the footage.

It’s still a work in progress, but overall I am pretty impressed with the outcome.  I was surprised at how easy and quick it was to replace the sky in the footage.  There are tweaks that need to be done to really sync up the sky with the footage.  The footage has a different feel to it with the different sky.

I have also been thinking about learning how to use Fusion 9.  I have been watching YouTube videos and I am in awe of the things you can do with it.

Outline Finished

I finished the outline this week and handed it over to my wife for review.  Once all the story elements in the Outline are well balanced, I will start developing the story.   🙂