Hi Everyone,

This is Charlene…I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted any poems (or anything for that matter).  Life has gotten a bit busy, and when I’m not at work or at home supporting my grandma I have been spending my time continuing to work on my cross stitching and playing Rift. 

But, lately I find that my mind has been drifting back to our recent trip to Fort Bragg, especially when I flip through the pictures we took of the ocean!  That got me thinking that I should write a poem about our trip and mostly about the call the ocean has on me. 

I’m not sure when my love of the ocean started, but I keep thinking back of college days when my friends and I took trips to San Francisco….we started to get into a habit that each trip we would eat dinner at Mel’s Dinner on Geary Blvd and then afterwards we would drive straight down Geary to get to the ocean and watch the sunset.  Of course, I rarely could focus on dinner, because I would always be looking out the window and hoping we wouldn’t miss the sunset.  From that point on, my favorite place to go on vacation was somewhere near the ocean.  Throughout the years we’ve visited places such as Monterey, Crescent City, San Simeon and Fort Bragg.  And each trip I look forward to the closing of each day so that I can see the sun setting over the water…such a spectacular sight! 

On our next trip to the ocean, I would love to go back to Fort Bragg but this time we want to bring Kiki because she hasn’t experienced the ocean yet….I am looking forward to seeing her reaction to the sights, sounds and smells of the ocean!  Although…she doesn’t like baths so I’m not sure what she’ll think of all the water in the ocean!

Here’s another picture from our trip to Fort Bragg that will be the inspiration to write my poem about the ocean.