Aurora: Karma First Page

1:00 P.M.

The Android tablet’s beeps can barely be heard in the noisy cafeteria while Jeff is scrolling through websites. In the glass is a reflection of a man in his early thirties with black hair and light tan skin. A news article catches his attention. A man was murdered 1 A.M. today (11/1/2013) at a government research facility located an hour north of Skunktown, CA. Police are not releasing any information at this time. The smell of fresh baked lasagna suddenly fills the cafeteria makes Jeff realize how hungry he is.

Jeff opens his dark blue lunch bag and reaches for his Italian hoagie sandwich stuffed with various meats and cheeses. “You know Joe, our boss has become such a horse’s ass ever since the company picnic three months ago. Seriously, I was choking on a tiny chicken bone. I didn’t mean for it to hit him when it flew out of my mouth.”

Joe takes back his tablet and looks up at Jeff. “I know exactly what you mean. He seems to have it in for you.”

“Forget about it. He can’t fire me. It was an accident.”

Joe shakes his head with a slight frown on his face. “I don’t know. Just watch your skinny Italian ass bro.” The company cafeteria gets quiet. Dark sinister footsteps reverberated throughout the large room. The footsteps stop directly behind Jeff.

A deep booming voice echoes in the silent cafeteria. “Mr. Aurora, come with me.” Jeff looks up at a tall man with black hair wearing a suit that looks like it would be worn to a funeral.

Oh shit. It’s Richard.