Book Update (10/14/2014)

It has been a busy week.  Finally got a catch to work on the book today.   I completed going through the last three chapters.  That is a huge relief to get through that.  Now the next step.

I printed all the chapters and changed the font size from 14 to 12.  This not only saves paper and ink, but now I have to look closer at my work.  What that means for you guys and gals, is a better story.  I’m not worried about the word count or pages.  I am focused on creating a good story.

Once I have gone through and marked things that need to be changed or added, I will pass the updated chapters to my wife.  After I make her suggested changes, I plan on handing the book over to someone else to look for errors and to make content suggestions.

When the book gets to that phase, I will start looking at getting the book cover created.