Gathering Resources

I have started gathering all the material for the new book that I have already worked on.  I have in place the outline I created for my final project which was a rough idea for the opening.   The script I created for the book from my other writing class has been converted and incorporated into the book.  This material takes place outside of the opening outline.

Now that this material is in place, I can sit down and really start developing the rest of the outline.  If you haven’t read the rough opening outline on the Registered Users page, you still have time.  I will be taking the outline down after New Year’s.  If you have read the outline, I would love to hear your thoughts.  You comment on this post, the Registered Users page, on my Facebook page, or send me a message using the contact link at the top of the site.

Site Update:

I added a new widget to the site.  You can now track my progress on the book.  Each day that I am done working on the book, I will be updating the word count.  The goal of 30,000 words is not set in concrete.  That may fluctuate as I work on the book.  Keep checking for updates.