Jeff Aurora: Character Development

I am posting the character development sheet for the character Jeff Aurora for my first story.  If your wondering what the title is, the current working title is Aurora, but I plan on changing it.  I am always open to feedback so that I can improve my writing skills to make my stories more interesting for my audience.  Below you is the character development for the main character:


  • Name: Jeff Aurora
  • Gender/sexual orientation: Male
  • Date of birth: 10/15/1980
  • Posture: normal
  • Height/weight: 5 feet 10 inches/210 pounds
  • Hair/eye color: Black/Brown
  • Hair style: Clean cut
  • Tattoos/piercings/scars? None
  • Overall appearance: Clean and well kept
  • Race/ethnicity: Italian
  • Unusual physical characteristics: Small indent in his forehead and his nose looks like ski slope
  • Dialogue tags (common phrase that this person uses): Forget about it.
  • Personal gestures: No specific gesture, but does talk with his hands.
  • Name several things in the character’s pockets or purse: Wallet, keys, pocket change
  • Favorite outfit: Loose fitting pants and a plain v-neck t-shirt
  • Type of watch: Cheap sports watch from Wal-Mart


  • Socioeconomic class: Middle Class
  • Religious orientation: Catholic – Not practicing.
  • Occupation and attitude toward work: Computer Technician and loves his work
  • Education/educational ability: Graduated from ITT Technical College
  • Political affiliations: Democratic
  • Personal interests: Computers, Video games (Computer and console), Reading
  • Place in community: Keeps to himself


  • Sexual and moral standards: Straight
  • Personal ambitions: Slightly ambitious
  • Key frustrations or disappointments: Getting rejected
  • Fears, inhibitions, superstitions, obsessions: Dying, Believes in spirits and resurrection
  • Extroverted? Introverted? Introverted
  • Leader? Follower? Leader
  • Special abilities: Can determine if a person is good or bad just by looking at them
  • Intelligence level: Intelligent


  • Raised by: Mom & Dad
  • Raised where (location): Spring Hill, FL
  • Nicknames: Bright Eyes & Night Light
  • What was important to the people who raised this character? To be successful in life
  • Home life: parent’s status and influence; character’s personal relationships: Not much of a home life, Parents worked a lot to put Jeff through college.
  • Siblings or significant others in the household: 1 brother
  • How did these people feel about this character? Jeff and his brother would fight every now and then
  • What incidents/situations shaped the character’s main traits? Picked on as a kid so he focused more on his studies
  • What is this character’s happiest memory? (Go beyond the obvious here!) Reconnecting with Charlie McDolphin. A good friend from high school.


  • Fill in the blank: He/she is the sort of person who__________________. (Try filling in this sentence 10 times for your character.)
  1. is well liked and respected at work.
  2. is dependable and can be counted on when things get tough.
  3. is a hard worker.
  4. will not turn his back on family.
  5. will go down fighting in tough situations.
  6. respects other people until they disrespect him.
  • Residence: Skunktown, CA
  • Does he/she have an accent? No
  • Occupation and attitude towards it: Works as a Computer tech and loves his job
  • Salary: Underpaid
  • Bank balance: satisfactory
  • Closest friend: Charlie McDolphin
  • Habits: Picks his nose
  • Make/model of car: 2013 Dodge Charger
  • 5 things in his/her refrigerator: Milk, unsalted butter, steak, left over cashew chicken, Iced tea
  • Brand of toothpaste: Colgate
  • Biggest regret: Not starting a family sooner
  • What three characters trait rule the character’s actions (or inactions)? Shy, Good listener, Polite
  • Biggest secret: Cheated on wife before getting married
  • Favorite song: We Will Rock You by Queen
  • Enemies: None
  • Obvious strengths: Computer Tech Savvy
  • Obvious weaknesses: Unable to lift heavy objects
  • What does this character most want right now? A true Philadelphia Cheese Steak
  • What stands in the way of him/her achieving this? Lives too far away from Philadelphia


  • Dream for the future: To have a child with his wife.
  • Can she/he see himself having this? Possibly
  • Does the character have a plan? Yes