New Toy & Update (5/19/2015)

I just got a new toy delivered from UPS earlier today.  I ordered a desktop microphone stand, which will allow me to do voice overs.  Now I don’t have to hold the microphone any more.  I was testing the microphone the other day and it was such a pain to hold.  So I ordered the stand for it and it is the perfect height for my desk.  This will make it easier to talk while operating the computer during recordings.

Book Updates:

A friend of mine who did the cover for Aurora: Coma has agreed to do the cover for Aurora: Crisis.   Woot.  If something should happen, I do have a backup option.  We have already started talking about the cover.  The ebook cover will be the easiest since there is no spine involved.  The good part is the ebook cover and be used for the print version.  The hard part for the print version of the cover relies on the number of pages of the book.  We will not be able to get the print version done till I have a the print version of the book prepped.

My wife handed me chapters 8 and 9 today.  I prepped chapter 8 for release, but not chapter 9 yet.  I am waiting to see if I get chapters 9 -13 back from friend with feedback before prepping them.  Once I get all the chapters back from my wife, it’s go time for final prepping for release.  Keep checking back for future updates.