I’ll never understand the ever changing of my moods

They affect my days in quiet interludes

Sometimes I feel so happy, full of joy and life

Other days, I’m so blue, it’s hard to muster a smile and everything cuts like a knife.


I just wish these moods asked my permission before they decide to change, I know it’s a lot to ask, such a challenge, but it would make my life so much easier to manage.

Although, most times I try to hide my moods so not everyone is aware

But my family sees right through it and knows when my moods are there.


And then, suddenly, without notice I finally feel so much better…

almost like a weight has been lifted off of my chest and I no longer feel the pressure

or it’s as if a storm cloud that has been drenching me in sadness and guilt

has turned into a puffy white cloud which makes me think back of how sad I really felt,


I’m just thankful to have an understanding group of people for support,

my husband, family, friends and co-workers for a start.

I want to take the time to thank them for all the patience that they share

And especially when I’m at my worst, I’m thankful for all their love and care.


So, if this poem reminds you of yourself (or someone that you know,)

Remember, even if you feel lost, please know that you are never alone,

Just reach out for help, and you may be surprised by the support you receive

Friends who are willing to lend an ear to listen, or a helping hand, will help you believe

That you are important through & through

And you may not know it but you make a difference in the lives of the people around you!

My Cat Patches

Brown, White, Grey & Black

These colors describe my cat,

Like a Jack Rabbit running from prey

My cat runs in a funny way!

Pouncing, attacking in her curious ways

Makes me laugh, everyday!


She is the playful one in my day

The one who makes me cry and laugh

All the days since she came in my life

Dedicated 1/11/1991





I met the sweet girl who brings joy to our life when she was just a pup

Whenever I visited my grandmother’s house she let me bring her in and I’d pick her up

Kiki belonged to my grandmother’s tenants but they didn’t treat her very nice

Most days she was left outside in the blazing heat or freezing ice

But every two weeks when I visited she got to come inside and snuggle on my lap

I was always so sad when I had to go home and wished she could be puppynapped

But then one day I learned the couple had split and could no longer care for her

For me, the next part of her story was such a blurr!

Because, after some convincing, I got to bring her home

And a short time later, our house was hers to roam

She’s had so many adventures since she’s shared her life with us,

Family dinners, picnics, and visits to work, each place everyone makes such a fuss.

She loves her car rides when she gets to go “bye-bye”

And if we say no, the look she gives us makes me want to cry.

Her favorite toy has changed over the years but right now it’s her lambie

And after a long day at work I come home to find her wanting to play with me

We have an alarm set on our phone every morning and every night

When it goes off she prances and twirls while we get her food, she’s always a delight

And at the end of every evening, as the day turns into night

I find my lap is occupied by a sleeping pup and all the world is right.

And when I decide to head to bed at the end of a long day,

Kiki follows me, like a shadow, climbs into her own bed next to ours and snores away.

Looking back I realize how boring our life had been

    Before that sweet pup, known as Kiki, joined our family way back when.


A Week in the Life of a Receptionist

Monday is full of sleepy faces wishing it was still Sunday

Mail is fuller than usual, built up from Saturday

Projects are plentiful, lots of things to do…

Thankful when the clock says my work day is through.


Tuesday is a slow day the office seems so calm

The day is also filled with trying to find something to work on.

Helping people throughout the day and of course answer the phone.

But by the middle of the day I’m waiting for the clock to tell me to go home.

Maybe a copy to do, type up a case note.

Finally it’s time to lock up the door…can’t forget my coat.


Wednesday is the day that the office is full of people

The kitchen is filled with job club or staff meeting

Thankfully it’s the middle of the week

Now starts the count down

Only two more days to go until we’re out on the town.


On Thursday you can never figure out how the day will be

Whether it will be busy or slow is not up to me

Sometimes I’m sitting looking out the window

Other days my free time is very low.


Friday is full of hustle and bustle, glad that the weekend is near

Consumers ending star circle just can’t wait to hear

Star wars theme coming out into the hall

Today is happy, smiles on faces, everyone’s having a ball.

Now the couch is filled and the talk turns to the upcoming weekend.

In comes James flying in the door and around the bend,

Finally it’s five, time to close up the office and go home

Set the alarm and off I go.


Well that’s the end of the work week

Now comes the time we all seek

The weekend is here…hip hip hooray

(shh don’t think of the end of Sunday)

So you see, when you are at INALLIANCE (formerly called SVS)

You’ll find interacting and working with consumers is what we do best.

Whether we’re helping them at their job site or in their home

or even saying hello on the telephone

We salute the employees who work so closely with the consumers who have disabilities

and for all the people that oversees

I wrote this poem to honor everyone

And to tell them my appreciation weighs a ton

I love being the receptionist at this place

because INALLIANCE is a BIG helping hand in this whole human race.


The Journey

Starting a journey to make a change in our life, hopefully fast

My nerves say procrastinate, step on the break but now is the time to hit the gas.

So many decisions and choices to make

And that’s just to figure out what road we should take

And then there’s the hurdles and bridges to cross

But if we don’t move forward, it would be a great loss.

So we drive further and speed over small hills and bumps

And as we pass each one, my stomach does somersaults and my heart starts to thump

The next mile is a big one, we go through the next town

And if we’re lucky we may just find the road we want to go down

As we progress, I realize that everyone in their life has at least one journey to take

And where it leads us, is partially our decision to make

Even though the final destination may be left up to fate

It’s up to us to make it great!

So as we take the next step forward I pray nothing goes wrong.

Because this is something I’ve been dreaming about for oh so long.