Short Stories:

Jeff Aurora, an Italian male in his early thirties, has his life turned upside down out of the blue.  All in the span of several hours his life turns from bad to worse.  Jeff is fired from his long standing IT job.  On top of that, Jeff does not even know that his best friend Joe is an undercover agent.

To make matters even worse, Jeff’s now former boss is trying to kill him.  Can Jeff survive long enough for Joe to come to his rescue, or will Joe end up burying his friend?

Cover created by:  Gabriel (Gabe) Winter


Jeff Aurora awakens from an induced coma two weeks after the altercation with his former boss.  He quickly discovers that his hospital room is not what it appears to be.  Fearing for his life, he must escape.  Will Jeff get out alive?  Time will only tell.


Cover Created by:  Sue Kyo



The Aurora family is back in action.  This time we find Adam, a 25 year old Italian man, who wants to be a Police Officer like his pop, Jack.  Adam’s application keeps getting rejected by  the local Police Academy outside of Brooklyn, NY.  To make matters worse, a serial killer is running loose with no one to stop him because several Police Precincts are on strike due to budget cuts.

Fed up with the situation, Adam and Jack decided to take matters into their own hands by enlisting some of Jack’s fellow colleagues.  Can Adam and Jack stop this serial killer or will he get away with murder?

Cover Created by: Sue Kyo


The evil C.R.A.P. organization presses forward with their plans to steal top secret equipment.  The leader declares war on the Aurora Family.  Multiple explosions rock Brooklyn, NY and from the ashes, chaos emerges.  Amid the destruction, love blooms between Adam and Eileen.  It becomes more personal when Adam’s cousin learns the truth about his wife.  Will Jack, Adam, Jeff, and their friends survive or will they be destroyed in the oncoming onslaught?