Summer Class (7/29/2015)

It is hard to believe that my summer class is almost over.  There is only one week left for the summer semester.  I have been working getting my Final Essay ready which is due this coming Saturday. I am hoping to finish the essay by Friday at the latest, if not sooner.  After the class is over, I have to shift my focus onto a video editing project.

I have been mulling over a few ideas for my next writing project.  It is possible that after the fall semester, I could have a few writing projects lined up.  It all depends on the classes.  I view the classes as a good place to explore ideas and get valuable feedback.

One side note, just wanted to remind everyone that the Smashwords Summer Sale is coming to an end in less than two days (Ends July 31st, 2015).  If you haven’t gotten your ebook copy of Aurora: Crisis, it’s not too late.  To snag your free copy head on over to  At checkout, enter SW100 for 100 % off!