The Journey

Here’s my first poem released today, you can also find it on the poems page.

The Journey

Starting a journey to make a change in our life, hopefully fast

My nerves say procrastinate, step on the break but now is the time to hit the gas.

So many decisions and choices to make

And that’s just to figure out what road we should take

And then there’s the hurdles and bridges to cross

But if we don’t move forward, it would be a great loss.

So we drive further and speed over small hills and bumps

And as we pass each one, my stomach does somersaults and my heart starts to thump

The next mile is a big one, we go through the next town

And if we’re lucky we may just find the road we want to go down

As we progress, I realize that everyone in their life has at least one journey to take

And where it leads us, is partially our decision to make

Even though the final destination may be left up to fate

It’s up to us to make it great!

So as we take the next step forward I pray nothing goes wrong.

Because this is something I’ve been dreaming about for oh so long.