Update (4/21/2015)

I have been taking it easy for the past few days.  That was a lot of work getting the second story published, but it was well worth it.   Next week, I will be having to focus on my finals for this semester.  Finals should be last only about two weeks.  After that, I won’t have any classes for a month.  Then I will have to start the summer semester.  The good thing about this summer semester is that I only have to take one class and this is also my final summer semester.  Yay.

Now for a book status update.  I am going through a final revision and editing of the book.  I have three more chapters to go through.  Once I am done with those three chapters, my wife will go through the book casually.  This way if something really sticks out, we can fix it.  One of my good friends is going through a few of the chapters.  After all the feedback from my wife and my friend, I will begin formatting for release and getting the cover made.

Keep checking back for future updates.