Update (5/5/2015)

Rocks at Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay

Last week was a bit rocky.  The hardest final is from my Advanced After Effects.  I had to submit a rough cut of my final which is an opening movie intro. This week will still be a bit rocky because this is the last week of finals.  This week I will have to submit my final cut of the movie intro.  The hardest part last week was just coming up with the idea for an opening movie intro.  This week I just have to make changes based on the feedback I get from the Instructor.

Now for a book update.  I have finished going through the last few chapters.  My wife finished reading the first three chapters and I have made the suggested changes.  I have taken those chapters and put them into the template for the print version of the book.  Once I get more chapters, I will also prep them for the print version.  It is a good feeling to see all my hard work starting to pay off as the manuscript starts to look like an actual book.  Keep checking back for future updates.