Update (6/2/2015)

I just finished upgrading my Mac OS to 10.10.3 from 10.8.5 last night.  Quite a few visual changes from what I am used to.  Overall, I like the new visual changes.  I finished installing most of the software updates this morning.  Some updates took a while to download like Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5.  I am sure there are a few more updates that need to be done, but I will do them when I need to.

Book Update:

I got chapters 9 – 13 back from my friend yesterday, the same friend that is working going to do the cover.  She found a few minor things that needed changing.  I made those changes and have already put those chapters into the manuscript for the print version of the book.

We hope to start working on the cover this week or by next week at the latest.  My summer class starts for me in about two weeks.  I hope to have the ebook version prepped for release.  Once I get the cover, I can set a release date and upload it to Smashwords.  After that, I can fully focus the steps needed to get the book into print version.  I plan on releasing another teaser trailer with the release date.  Keep checking back for the trailer and future updates.