Update (6/24/2015)

It has been another busy week.  My summer class has been keeping me busy.  The weather here has not made things any easier, especially when the temperature gets to in the upper 90’s ans sometimes triple digits.  My office faces the afternoon/setting sun so it gets really hot and unbearable to work in late in the day.

Now for some book updates:

Still waiting for a couple retailers to update with links for the eBook version of Aurora: Crisis.  I will create a new post with all the links that currently have the eBook available for pre-order.  If and when the the other retailers update, I will update the Stories/Books page and create a post with the links.

As to the printed version, I have some good news.  I just got the proof for the book today.  Going to go through the book making sure everything looks right.  So far I have to say just seeing the cover on the proof copy looks fantastic.  I have not decided yet if I will release the printed version a little earlier.  Keep checking back for further updates.