Update (6/30/2015)

This past week I have been busy with my summer class.  It will be like this for about another month.  Summer classes always move so fast.  The class is almost half over already.  This week I am just trying to keep cool.  Right not it is almost 9 P.M. here and it is still 100 degrees outside.  The A/C is working over time and struggling to keep up.

On a different note, if you have been to the site recently you have my have noticed a new page called Registered Users.  I figured out how to create a page to display content for registered users to the site.  Right now my plan is to use that page for special registered user promotions.  I will post when the page gets updated.  To keep from missing out, make sure you register.

I am also kicking around a few ideas for promotions and contests.   No specific details yet.  Keep checking back for future updates.