Website (7/16/2015)

I have been pretty busy this week with my summer class and cleaning up the Stories/Books page.  If you have been visiting that page this week, you may have noticed the links to the retailers were jumbled.  I had taken a website design class awhile back and put some of that knowledge to use.  I used CSS to create areas for the links and used tables to line up the links better.  The page looks much better now.

The other reason for updating the page is that the paperback version of Aurora: Crisis is now available at other retailers:  Barnes & Noble and Booksamillion

I do plan on getting back to writing soon.  I have to focus on passing my summer class and it is looking like I will have a small editing job.  I know that will be writing again for sure once the fall semester starts.  I am taking two writing classes:  Principles of Short Film Storytelling and Crafting the Short Film Script.  I should be able to come up with some great story ideas and get some valuable feedback to help improve my storytelling skills.